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Originally from Perú, Adolfo Indacochea became a "name" in the salsa world when he moved to New York and became the leading dancer, under his mentor, Eddie Torres.
Always unique and never boring, this performer/instructor is one of the best salsa ambassadors that the international salsa scene has to offer. 

In addition to his enthusiastic personality and genuine love for mambo, Adolfo’s unique teaching style brings flare and fun to any class. He introduces elements of timing, styling, shines, body movement and original turn patterns for all levels. Adolfo has shown commitment to evolving his talent and ability by bringing something new to the dance scene, with an emphasis on conserving the mambo tradition but with a new flare.

Always evolving, always creating new combinations Adolfo is an influential teacher and inspiration to many.
Full of energy and explosiveness, he is known as the great successor of this style, in which all its traditional elements are combined with some jazz, contemporary dance, flamenco and ballroom dancing, making him unique in the world.

Lorena Andrade - The partner of Adolfo Indacochea and member of The Latin Soul Dancers, an extremely versatile dancer you need to learn from. 

Griselle Ponce - The Mambo Diva
Baudilio Rivera - Mambo Teacher

Antonio y Jasmina Berardi (Italy) -  Brother and sister Antonio and Jasmina started dancing ballroom dances at the age of 6. Ten years later they fell in love with salsa, starting with Cuban and Afro-movement and later on adding mambo and mixing it all up. When they are not abroad teaching at congresses, they teach in their dance school near Rome and at the Sosa Academy in Milan. 

Amneris Martinez - Mambo Teacher/ La Diva de Puerto Rico

Tania Cannarsa - the best  female mambo dancer & teacher in the world 

Jazzy Ruiz - Norwegian Salsa Master